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  • Join us at Malam Ngobrol at Bali Bagus (85 Franklin Street, Melbourne) on Friday 27 May at 7pm

  • ASILE Conference will be held in Adelaide from Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2016. Indonesian language teachers and educators are invited to present a paper/workshop at the conference. Submissions close on Monday, May 30.
  • VILTA PD for Early Childhood and Primary School teachers will be held on Monday 30 May at LMERC - 150 Parmelston Street, Carlton. The theme is engaging young learners in language learning. This PD will be led by Dr Andrea Truckenbrodt, a lecturer in Language and Literacy Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.  Let us make this PD a success. Free registration for regional members. A travel subsidy will also be provided for regional members. A CRT subsidy will be available for government school members. Click here for registration.

  • If you are teachers of Indonesian or still doing your pre-service at a university, we'd like you join us and support VILTA. VILTA Membership for 2016 is available online under Registration, or click here.

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