When most people think of Indonesia today, they think of beaches and temples or of its famously teeming cities, but this country of 250 million and counting is a much more modern, diversified, and dynamic economy than many international investors and companies assumed.

Today, the archipelago economy is the world's 16th largest, but with action now to unleash Indonesia's full dynamism, it could jump to the 4th by 2030 (Global Victoria, April 2019). That would eclipse Germany and the United Kingdom, two members of the G-7 group of the world's leading economies.  Indonesia is the future.

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Message from Joel Backwell - Why Learn Indonesian Forum 2014


One of the worlds' easiest language to learn

Uses the Latin Alphabet

Less grammar




...and oh, it can advantage your ATAR score, too!


Diverse country

Beauty of nature

Rich cultures

The authentic food

The lifestyle

Tropical weather all year long


... at a reasonable cost!




International Trading

Job opportunities


...for at least 250 million reasons!