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Student Screening 'Keluarga Cemara'

by Astrid Dux - VILTA Vice President

Screening “Keluarga Cemara” today was a successful one. Audience from several schools enjoyed, engaged and enthusiastic! The venue is accessible to all and it’s very clean and comfortable.

Other culture and nation have different values, Keluarga Cemara movies is a sweet reminder of family values. It is valuable for a film review tentang ‘nilai nilai kehidupan’ - value of lives and of course a role model for an ideal good family. Semua siswa sangat menyukai plot nya.

Well-done Ibu Reeya Ardini and siswa siswa dari AIYA Emily Heng, Jade Lee, Caleb Walmsley, Henna Marini for all their hard work! ASYIK, HEBAT dan SUKSES!


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