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Singing & Story Telling Competition

Event Coordinator: Astrid Dux

Judged by: Astrid Dux & Yacinta Kurniasih

Praise be to God Almighty for the VILTA Story Telling and Singing Competition that we have done well. We grateful also for examiners from VILTA has chosen the best Story Telling winner and the participant who sings the song that already provided by VILTA. In total, there are about 65 students who participated. We feel proud of students who are high-quality students with their cleverness. We judged all presentations students with a rubric.

Our scoring system for Story Telling competitions;

  •  Language style and storytelling

  •  Authenticity

  •  Disclosure of the contents of the Story

  •  Continuity and fluency

  •  The accuracy of the sentence structure

Our singing competition scoring system includes;

  •  Tone's quality

  •  Performance

  •  Entertainment

  •  The spelling of lyrics and songs

Winners of the 7-9 Grade Singing & Story Telling Competition;

Story Telling Winner 1st Place - Layla, Goulburn Valley Grammar School 2nd Place - Audrey, Sacred Heart Girls' College 3rd Place - Chloe, Heathmont College

Winner of Singing Competition:

Halo'-Halo Bandung' Song Singing Winner

1st Place - Lucas, St. Bede's College

2nd Winner - Alexia & Jaime, St. Bede's College

3rd Place - Byron and AJ Veugelers - St. Bede's College

Kotek Kotek Tek' Song Singing Winner

A group of student year 7 - St. Bede's College

We are going to send the winner's prizes and participation certificates to their school.

Congratulations to the winners. For the unlucky ones, do not be discouraged just yet, because there are many competitions such as speech, poetry reading, singing competitions and other storytelling competitions which we will have next year. To all parties who have participated and help carry out this Competition, we say thank you very much.

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1 Comment

Bea Awiati
Bea Awiati
Oct 25, 2020

Selamat bu Astrid atas sukses dalam menyelenggarkan kompetisi dan menggalang antusias para guru dan siswa untuk ikut berartisipasi.

Congratulation bu Astrid for the sucess of the events and participation from the students and support from the teachers too.

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