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Pemenang Lomba Poster VILTA 2023

Theme: Rempah-rempah Nusantara (Herbs and Spices of Indonesia)

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1st Prize: Maggie (Essex Heights PS)

2nd Prize: Tilly (Antonio Park PS)

3rd Prize: Douglas (Lavers Hill K-12 College)

Year 1

1st Prize: Evelyn & Chloe (Essex Heights PS)

2nd Prize: Cooper (Antonio Park PS)

3rd Prize: Lidya (Bayside Christian College)

Year 2

1st Prize: Ayush (Antonio Park PS)

2nd Prize: Dimitri, Caleb and Anousheh (Essex Heights PS)

3rd Prize: Aalia (Findon PS)

Year 3

1st Prize: Nikhita (Findon PS)

2nd Prize: Jacki (Essex Heights PS)

3rd Prize: Liora (Bayside Christian College)

Year 4

1st Prize: Archer (Billanook College)

2nd Prize: Kieren (Marlborough PS)

3rd Prize: Holly (Bayside Christian College)

Year 5

1st Prize: Leilani (Bayside Christian College)

2nd Prize: Aniq (Goulburn Valley Grammar)

3rd Prize: Madison (Lavers Hill K-12 College)

Year 6

1st Prize: Florence (Braemar College)

2nd Prize: Mia (Billanook College)

3rd Prize: Amy (Bayside Christian College)

Year 7

1st Prize: Zoe (Ave Maria College)

2nd Prize: Skye, Grace, & Olivia (Killester College)

3rd Prize: Amelia (Ave Maria College)

Year 8

1st Prize: Taru (Lavers Hill K-12 College)

2nd Prize: Angus (St Bede's College)

3rd Prize: Skye (Dromana SC)

Selamat - Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

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