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Pemenang Sayembara Lisan 2020

Event Coordinator: Silvy Wantania, VILTA President

The 2020 Indonesian Speaking Competition/Sayembara Lisan event will be closed by virtual Awards Night 2020, on Friday, 9 October 2020.

Due to the pandemic period, compared to previous years, the number of schools participating in this competition has decreased. However, for the participants, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of Indonesian students to compete in Speaking Competition/Sayembara Lisan. VILTA is very proud of every student who participated in this event!

The Award is going to be presented by Ms Spica Tutuhatunewa, The Consul General of Indonesia and enlivened by a presentation of stories and songs in Indonesian which will be performed by Indonesian students from Eltham Primary School, Chairo Christian School and Melbourne High School.

Complete list the winners of the Indonesian Speaking Competition/Sayembara Lisan 2020 are:

Primary Level

Level I:
1st - Naija, Chairo Christian School
2nd - Felicity, Eltham Primary School
3rd - Adrielle, Chairo Christian School

Level II:
1st - Tilly, Eltham Primary School
2nd - Zara, Eltham Primary School
3rd - Georgie, Eltham Primary School

Level III:
1st - Olivia, Eltham Primary School
2nd - Jaiden, Goulburn Valley Grammar
3rd - Siyona, Point Cook College

Year 7 Level

Year 8 Beginning::
1st - Teagan, Goulburn ValleyGrammar
2nd - Mustafa, Goulburn Valley Grammar
3rd - Paige, Heathmont College

Year  7 Continuing:
1st - Aditya, Goulburn Valley Grammar
2nd - Maria, Monivae College
3rd - Lily, Goulburn Valley Grammar

Year 8 Level

Year8 Beginning:
1st - Hriday, Goulburn Valley Grammar
2nd - Jackson, Goulburn Valley Grammar

Year 8 Continuing:
1st - Tara, Goulburn Valley Grammar
2nd - Jasmin, Penleigh Essendon Grammar School
2nd - Harua, Heathmont College
3rd - Lauren, Overnewton Anglican Community College

Year 9 Level

Year 9 Beginning:
1st - Jayde, Portland Secondary School
2nd - Aadith, Melbourne High School
3rd - Miles, Portland Secondary School
3rd - Thevan, Melbourne High School 
Highly Commended - Elizabeth, Mt Beauty Secondary College   
Year 9 Continuing:
1st - Stanley, Melbourne High School
2nd - Heidi, Goulburn Valley Grammar
3rd - Tahlia, Penleigh Essendon Grammar School

Year 10 Level

Year 10:
1st - Elaina, Loreto Mandeville Hall  
1st - Anna, Goulburn Valley Grammar
2nd - Nicholas, Melbourne High School 
2nd - Tom, Goulburn Valley Grammar
3rd - Ruby, Penleigh Essendon Grammar School
3rd - Indra, Penleigh EssendonGrammar School
Highly Commended - Audrey, Williamstown High School
Highly Commended - Zak, Portland Secondary School

Year 11 Level

Year 11:
1st - Raphah, Goulburn Valley Grammar 
1st - Isabelle, Goulburn Valley Grammar
2nd - Matthew, Goulburn Valley Grammar  
3rd - David, Melbourne High School

We thank you for your great effort and congratulate the winners of this year's VILTA Speaking Competition/Sayembara Lisan. Selamat bagi para Pemenang!

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