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Independence Day Poster Competition

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Event Coordinator: Silvy Wantania, VILTA President

Judged by: Spica Tutuhatunewa, The Consul General of Indonesia

Amid their busyness of school from home activities, Indonesian language students in Victoria, Australia were enthusiastic to compete in drawing posters, welcoming Indonesia's 75th Independence Day*. Three winners emerged from the competition, from Grade 7, Grade 6, Grade 5, Grade 3 and one highly commended winner.

We thank you for your great effort and congratulate the winners of this year's VILTA Poster competition!

Kelas 7:

Juara 1: Hayley - Monivae College Hamilton

Juara 2: Paige - Heathmont College

Juara 3: Noni - Monivae College Hamilton

Kelas 6:

Juara 1: Trevin - Great Ryrie Primary School

Juara 2: Ellie - Great Ryrie PS

Juara 3: Ebony - Marlborough PS

Kelas 5

Juara 1: Olivia - Great Ryrie Primary School

Juara 2: Zoe - Bayswater North Primary School

Juara 3: Charlie - Great Ryrie PS

Kelas 3: 

Juara 1: Sofia - Brunswick North West PS

Juara 2: Rayma - Brunswick North West PS

Juara 3: Lilia - Brunswick North West PS

Highly Commended

Highly Commended: Leila - Iona College

*) The winners' posters showcase at the Indonesian Consulate General's office which was to be had after Upacara Bendera has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place. The posters will be showcased on KJRI website instead.

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