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Kesan & Pesan Para Guru Bantu

"Personally, I would like to thank Edwin Jurriens for his time and willingness in this program. I got very valuable experience regarding teaching Indonesian to non-Indonesian students. In addition, I received enormous input in terms of learning methods and learning content, especially themes regarding local culture and human rights. Thank you for bringing us together and I look forward to another future collaboration with Mr Jurriens from Melbourne University. Finally, a big thank you to VILTA!"

- Muhammad Adek, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"I am very happy to join this program and be able to work with Bu Ainsley Butcher from Maffra Secondary College. I learned many things during this program, such as how to make good teaching materials for students in Year 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. In year 7, I helped make materials about Indonesian Culture and Family in Bahasa Indonesia. In this material, I introduce Indonesian culture especially West Sumatera to students such as Silat and one of the tourist destination in West Sumatera, Danau Kembar! These valuable experiences that I have got, I might not get anywhere else. Greatest thank you VILTA!"

­- Fadillah Andini, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"I would like to thank VILTA for the great opportunity that I get the chance to meet the wonderful Bu Annette Sugiyanto also students from Oberon Secondary College that helped me and being kind to me, giving me a chance to grow and learn along with them. With that being said, I believe that this opportunity is wonderful for everyone who wants to give it a try!"

- Rafiqaty Esa Putri, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"I am very happy and enjoy teaching at Rosebud Secondary College. Because this is my first experience teaching Indonesian to foreign speakers, I am a little nervous, but the students at Rosebud Secondary College are very kind and friendly. They listen well to stories and experiences that I share is related to Indonesia. They are also active in asking questions and exchanging ideas to share experiences using Indonesian which makes me happy to share knowledge and experiences with them. I also had the opportunity to privately teach one of the students to deepen student's Indonesian language skills and share experiences both about Indonesia and Australia which made me very happy.

Not forgetting to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs Heidi Purnomo for helping me establish better communication with the students of Rosebud Secondary College. she really helped me in carrying out my duties as a VILTA assistant teacher at Rosebud Secondary College. I am very happy to be working with Mrs Heidi Purnomo.

I hope that the cooperation of the VILTA assisting teachers can continue to be carried out because this is very useful, especially for the younger generation who want to learn the foreign language they are interested in.”

- Sania Lanen, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"To be honest this my first time. I’m actually pretty nervous. Before I wanna say thank you to Mrs Michelle Ledhams for always welcoming me so kindly. I'm so lucky and proud to have gone through this program to meet my friends at Warrnambool College. They listen well to me when I speak or explain things. This program taught me to take responsibility for my obligations. I got valuable experience while following this program. I hope I could have a real meeting with Mrs Michelle and the Warnambool College friends. Thank you VILTA I enjoy this time."

- Aliffatul Saqdiah, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"Thank you for including me in this big project! I am happy to be able to teach how to speak Bahasa Indonesia correctly in Braemar Secondary College. I got a lot of experience when I start speaking Bahasa Indonesia with 10th grade and Zara. I also thank Rebecca for being kind of me and helped when we are struggling to find a good way to understanding each other. Best regards to VILTA for giving me a chance and opportunity. I can't wait for another collaboration in the future!"

- Silva Hasma Junianti, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"I am very grateful to VILTA for being a liaison between Indonesian language teachers and foreign speakers. It is my pleasure to study together with Mrs Julie Filardo from Mount Eliza Secondary College. The school there is open to my arrival. I got a very good and friendly response from the speakers there. I learned many things. Students, there are also friendly, disciplined and willing to learn. I feel proud that Indonesian has received great enthusiasm from foreign speakers. Hopefully in the future VILTA can channel Indonesian language teachers to work as teachers in foreign countries after the pandemic is over."

- Ganesa Vina Tichi, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"I am very happy and grateful to join this program and meet Bu Casey Janides and students from Ave Maria College. Thank you Bu Casey for giving me a chance and experience to learned many things with her and the students. I hope this program can continue to be carried out cause this is very useful. Thank you VILTA!"

- Elsa Rahmasari, Universitas Negeri Padang -

"In my opinion, this VILTA program is very worthy to be followed. I learned many things here, from teaching situations, how to make learning modules, and other interesting activities. I also thank Ms Michelle Heintze as a teacher from Wodonga Senior Secondary College who has helped me a lot in this program."

- Bima Mhd Ghaluh, Universitas Negeri Padang -

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