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Sayembara Lisan 2023 (Speaking Competition)

The Speaking Competition, which is held every year by VILTA, has now successfully concluded for 2023. This activity is VILTA’s largest, both in terms of the length of time for implementation and preparation, as well as the number of participants. The development is quite encouraging with the participation of 34 schools from metropolitan and regional areas. There was a total number of approximately 818 students with over 442 finalists from Prep level to year 11. However, all of these successes are the result of the cooperation and support of all parties involved. Therefore, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all schools and teachers who have participated in this event and were willing to hold it in their respective regions. I would like to say a big thank you to the parents who have supported their children in taking part in the competition. The most important part of this event is the students who have courageously participated and have done the hard work to prepare their answers. I am sincerely grateful for your efforts; it has been proven that your hard work is rewarding you with success. Finally, thank you to Melbourne High School Principal, Dr Mordini for his continued support in facilitating VILTA events to be hosted at the school, to all the principals who came support their students and to the Indonesian Consulate-General for their cooperation and supports, as well as all VILTA members and volunteers who have helped directly or indirectly with this activity. Hopefully this activity will continue to achieve its primary goal: building students' love for Indonesian.

Salam hormat

Silvy Wantania

VILTA President

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