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2023 Membership
Student-Teacher Membership

  • Membership for the calendar year of 2023 begins on February 1 or upon receipt of payment.

  • Memberships are valid for the school year, from February 1 to January 31 the following year.

  • By completing and submitting the form below, the applicant states that they support VILTA’s purpose of the association and agree to comply with the rules of VILTA.

1. Membership 


2. Member Details

It is preferable to use a personal email account to ensure you will receive the newsletter without being blocked by school/university firewall system as each institution has a different IT policy.

3. Complete your registration

by submitting the form below and then you must also purchase your membership plan on the next step.
For offline payment by invoice/EFT, please add item to cart, go to Checkout and select the Offline payment option. We will manually generate an invoice and send it to you within a few days.

VILTA Member Rights – Summary

As per resolution passed by VILTA AGM – 29 November 2013

1.1 Requirements for membership of VILTA are defined by rules 8 & 14 of the Rules for the Victorian Indonesian Teachers’ Association (VILTA). Membership and the membership rights stated are subject to the rules and conditions outlined in the Rules of VILTA.

1.2 Membership and membership rights can be revoked or suspended by a VILTA disciplinary sub-committee subject to Division 2 or rule 12(4) of the Rules of VILTA

2. Full Members

2.1 Full members can;

  • Attend, speak and vote at VILTA AGM

  • Become VILTA office-bearers or committee members if elected at AGM

  • Attend and speak at VILTA committee meetings with the permission of the chair of the committee meeting

  • Receive Suara VILTA & Berita-E

  • Access member-only spaces on VILTA website and Facebook.

  • Participate, assist with and organise VILTA activities and events

2.2 Please Note - Above is a summary of the general rights for full members as defined by rule 13 of the Rules of VILTA. For a full description of the rights of full VILTA members, please see the Rules of VILTA on the website.

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